Levels of Volunteer Opportunities for Wildlife in Need (W.I.N) Emergency Response


Wildlife Courier:


When available, to help any of the above personnel.

May include:

-Transporting animal to rehabilitation center, veterinarian hospital or meet with another wildlife courier. (This may require a letter from a WIN Emergency Rescue Response Capture and Transport permittee.)

- Riding and/or assisting with capture and transport personnel.

- Assisting with a coordinated group rescue.

- Asked to do various tasks helping with capture and transport personnel.

Contact sdearment@windstream.net or call (814)671-6594 if you are interested in becoming a wildlife courier.

If you are interested in becoming permitted in Capture and Transport you can take the course through the internet or see if there is classroom training, at www.wildlifeedu.com . Costs $50.00. 

Capture and Transport Volunteer in Training:


-Has taken the Capture and Transport course online at      www.wildlifeedu.com

- Can take the C & T test in order to become permitted.

- Become sponsored by a Pennsylvania licensed wildlife rehabilitator

- Transport to any licensed rehabilitator, or licensed wildlife veterinarian in Pennsylvania that will accept the animal.

- Assist with coordinating group rescues.

- Gain experience through hands-on training.

Permitted Capture and Transport:

 Has passed the Capture and Transport(C & T) Test through the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and has been issued a permit. Must be sponsored by a Licensed Pennsylvania Rehabilitator. In order to retain license, must attend an educational symposium every other year (one day or 8 hours), or on-line course, and acquire proof of attendance in order to submit to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Can be called out by a dispatcher or answering service.

- Transport to any licensed rehabilitator or veterinarian in Pennsylvania that will accept the animal for admission 

- Take call, and evaluate situation.

- Consult with caller to determine if animal needs left alone, reunited or captured and transported.  

- Train C & T in training.

- Coordinate group rescues.


If you find yourself unable to volunteer, but still want to help in some way; donations are a great way to stay involved and make a difference. 

Items that are always needed:

  - Live traps 

- Traffic cones

- Flat bed sheets  

- Plastic pet carriers

- Pillowcases 

- Rechargeable flashlight-super bright, waterproof LED flashlight

- Nitrile or disposable gloves  

- Headlamps

- Hand sanitizer 

- Batteries for headlamps

The Official registration and financial information of wildlife In Need Emergency Response of Pennsylvania, INC. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free within Pennsylvania 1-800-732-0999. 

Registration does imply endorsement.